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Sipping my drink casually as I drowned in my own thoughts,
I felt a certain pressure and goosebumps on my body
At that moment I heard a low husky voice close to my ear
Turning only to see a glorious sight before me
A six feet tall solid mass of a man
Casually wearing a Brioni piece
With his full boned body that seemed to be a very comfortable place for me to nestle
As he stooped closer in conversation
My words sounded to me as if it cake out in restrained breath
The scent of his after shave intoxicated me
Making it more harder to express my opinions on the issue set on motion

His hazel nut brown eyes looked down on me warming my heart
Couldn’t help my self but trace the contours of his face in awe
His whiskers trimmed so neatly that my hands itched to trace
How interesting his face was, sprinkled with little brown spots
He seemed so relaxed yet giving an air of seriousness
Looked at his full lipped smile that enchanted my spirit
Possessed my body stiff

My lips parted to welcome the warmth he offered
I grabbed the sit edges and ached my heart upwards for him to receive
I could hear an echo of disagreement building at the back of my mind
But I was falling so hard that they were shattered by gravity
I wonder in which aspects of fairness is one permitted to have such control over another
That one could compel my being to total obedience against my rationality.


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After three hours of sitting down looking at each other

Feasting on the sacred moment of pure honesty and truth

Paralyzed to have a sense of time

Him staring at her curved bowed lips

Her… well, what about her?

She was definitely mesmerized by the cool eyes

So curious, searching, looking…

He asked her then, to pour him a drink


Heard by the eavesdropping birds, the words were weightless

To her, they were whispered words wrapped in petals

That floated gently into her rib cage and settled at her centre

It was a simple request, but her heart took it as a plea

Something changed, in a second the environment changed

The trance was broken, and the locks snapped


A harsh fell and the silence shouted at the top of her lungs

Confusion was written on her face

Wondered if he knew that she was just a picture

With a broken frame

A voice commanded her out of the state

Be everything your ego is afraid to become

Your existence is tied together like shoelaces.


Her eyes held so many tears, unshed for so many years

He said, “Rain on me”

Chosen not to be wiped, chosen not to be held back

She tasted her very emotions, a mixture

Of anguish, pain, bitterness, frustration and happiness

And it was the best wine he had ever had.

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She was wearing an African blue print couture dress
Fully defined edges that brought out her delicate hedges
That cover her Alice in such a magnificent wonderland
I think she got it from Etsy, just saying (whispering)
Her voice, “Oh! That voice”, I can’t forget it
It was so coarse, so coarse it seemed like…
As if it was ragged by the rugs of her past.

Well, to be frank with you, I love her, I really do
I know she has loved me for her entire life
But you see, I’ve loved her for my entire life
So that’s like how many years now?
I think I can say I know what love is
So original, so… not perverted by the external forces
Just speaking from experience here that’s all
If only I could give her one thing in this life…
I would give her the ability to see herself through my eyes,
Only then! Only then, would she realize
How special she is to me.