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There are many voices in my head, so much trouble lies within my heart

Fear has gripped me of the very air that I enjoyed in solitude

The thunder rolls as if it was disturbed from its slumber

HUSH! Craving for the silence I cried out to anyone

Is there even someone who will listen to me?

Just a person who lost their sense of belonging

Rather lost her humanity, as is rumored.


The motion caused a chain of reaction

Thought I could do it by myself, thought I was strong enough

Lost a couple of points and my starboard spanned out of control

No change in position without a motion

There is no rise without a price

The price is too high and am losing my sanity.


An urgent reorientation to change this state of mentality

A force so gentle and strong to give a spiritual rise in me

Lord! Do what is required to get what You desire in me

What is demanded in your plan and not, in my view, convenient

Creating unquestionable waves along I will gladly accept.


I want you to know that it’s alright with me

I want you to know that I’m fine with it

For you understand me better than I do myself

I will be still, knowing that You are the God of refuge

Kwani si njia rahisi ya kwenda mbinguni.


La! La! Si njia rahisi

La! La! Si njia rahisi

Kutembea na Yesu

Huongoza safari ,mazito huya rahisisha.