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Don’t know which to choose,  courage or courtesy?

Can’t be able to choose,

for one is a resolution without fear,

and the other a liberality above custom.

For as the moon borrows nothing from the sun but light,

I borrow nothing else from you but your strength


But to choose is a duty that I have to perform.

A way to determine my destination,  lest I suffer if I conform,

The allure of choice can be tempting nay confusing,

But in the end I have to decide,  even if I keep refusing.


It’s a controversy how natural causes, should, work supernatural effects

I cannot by natural reason,

give a reason of the ebbing and flowing of the sea;

which makes me in the depth of my heart,

to cry out to a cause higher than me.


I blush to a weakness am not ashamed to confess

Might my words crave pardon  and my counsel credit.

I would discharge the duty of a subject for so I am to God

and the office of a friend for so He says I am.