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It is a Friday, a day that I feel that it should be a better day for all who are employed get the chance to wind up. It is a day that he was just called by his boss, his ultimate boss on the issue of non-performance, a stuff that he did out of defiance rather than out of the norm, he is not a guy to follow rules because he believes that rules are meant to be broken and that he will be able to break them when situation allows. He was in such a good mood and he knew he will solve it with his boss if and when time allows, on that day he decided to pass the rarely traveled path to the city center.

Nearing the end of the street he sees two men, he knows that they may be bad guys but he decides to soldier on, it’s a risk but the romances of life are the risks that you take in life; he argues, they say hi and ask for a fag, he just passes heart in mouth, and says he does not have a fag, even if he had I doubt whether he would actually accept to stand and say “Hi I have a fag can I help?” it doesn’t work that way!! Still he goes on, life goes on, and it’s the rhythm of life.

He reached the destination shaken but safely, thanks God for the safe trek, its been a while since the guy was in the company of his friends. It’s a nice company and he loves the company. They do their thing, it’s a Friday you know and his meeting with the boss went on better than he expected. He is happy to unwind. He is lucky to see the Friday, he chooses to ball.

Its ten pm when he finally checks the watch, he decides its time to hit the road, he has to sleep early because he has stuff to attend tomorrow even though it’s a weekend, I think even his weekends are more cluttered than his weekdays. So he hits the road to a place in another province a place in another county, a place far from his present position. It is always good to arrive early and he is against coming home after 8pm but today he makes an exception but he feels that if he dies today, he saw it coming. He doesn’t have a will as at now but he is in the process of making one. He will be sure to finish it in time for the death meeting.

He arrives safely, well not home but at his nearly final destination. He is delighted and relieved that he arrived alive. And so he walks to his place as is his routine, on the way about 100 meters to the final destination, he meets a car, a Toyota fielder, it speeds past then slows down, a person alights then says “usijaribu hata kukimbia” – don’t dare run. It’s a phrase that he has heard that people hear when they are about to be mugged. But he is not ready to get mugged neither is he ready to die. He decides to take his chances and moves like a mad bull.

It is the fastest he has sped since running in Mt Kenya. In the background he can hear shots fired, he can’t tell whether they are real or fake, it doesn’t matter anyway; it is only safe that he gets away from the gunshots. Maybe his life will be spared and he will leave to tell the tale and see a new day. He manages to dodge the bullets, or rather the bullets somehow don’t get him, so this thing doesn’t only happen in movies, he thinks, it can also occur in real life, he laughs at that thought. That shooter must be the worst ever shooter in the history of shooting. How do you miss a target at a distance of 50 meters? That guy must have been getting washouts in range competitions, he laughs again. The irony! Laughing while death is staring you in the face, does it get any psycho than this? Ha!

Unexpectedly, he slips and falls, he is sure that he was being followed, but he cant see anyone who comes to harass him, or worse still tries to mug him. Funny, he thinks, how can it be? He is still confused and shaking, but he is not terrified, he has his head intact. Never panic in these circumstances. When death comes it should find you sober, not crying like a little girl.  He stands up and continues running, running scared. Its funny how you don’t get tired when you are in danger, he chooses not to go to his normal residence because it’s naturally locked. He bypasses it and moves to the next homestead. Nyumba kumi has not worked really because he does not even know his immediate neighbor, funny and sad at the same time.

He calls the owners to let him in, they don’t bulge, because they don’t know him, its funny that you can die in front and in the midst of your friends, ahh well… it’s life isn’t it?  Finally after what seems like eternity, he musters the courage to move out, the road is clear and so finally he reaches his final destination, bruised, shaken, tired but sober. It is such a good feeling to be home finally, the day was 7th of November, and he decides that one day he will write about the experience… He was supposed to die, somehow, he is not dead, somehow he survived, and somehow he is alive and well. The line between life and death is so thin that it can be crossed without one not noticing it. Careful not cross that line before your time has come.


Words from a soldier.