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You say anger is a normal sensation and its okay for it to be,

Well, anger is a disease which spreads like a virus once it gets freedom,

I allowed it to thrive within, feeding it and made it satisfied, it was my baby,

I allowed it to contaminate my system and flow through like an electric train

Doing an all round trip

Seemed like… No! All traces of rationality had aborted like an army losing the war

Leaving me there so confused and blinded in my own built frustration.

When she came to me and just asked a question with genuine concern

It revived the virus in the system the red button had been pressed,

Felt a rush, you can call it an anger rush, filling and taking charge

Like a captain taking over a sinking ship in the middle of the sea

No word was said, No thought was thought…

The events followed each other in a sequence that I couldn’t…

With regret came approach,

An apology followed suite with its tail between its legs.

I remember the sensation had abducted my body and mind

Letting me into a world of irrationality

What just happened?

Twas just an anger rush I said.