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Would like to make a conversation

About our lives and nature with its function

All this spinning and cycles bring frustration

Yet everything happens for a reason.


A little advice from you is all I ask

For my life is like a ship in a raging sea

Will I see the sun set in the horizon?

Or I have already completed my mission?


What kind of a person keeps such an organization

Entangled it seems, to this life with a strong emotion

That clouds my capacity to even make a single decision

Yet am I, as highly expected, to fulfill my vision?


What I thought, I felt, I believed

Do I deserve more from you than integrity?

For all I hold dear in my hand strongly departed

Now they blur to visions that are long forgotten.


Do not speak thy kind words dear sir, I beg you

For thy words only bring more confusion to mind

Unheard is my heart’s desire for rationality

That thy mouth is full of deceit?